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For the Freshmen

Moody Move In

Yesterday was move-in day at Moody. This morning I am in my office, watching a thunderstorm roll through and preparing to meet a new class of freshmen for New Student Orientation. I spent much of my (long, stormy) commute praying for them. And as I pulled into the parking garage, I remembered the prayer that I wrote last year at this […]

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The Worralls Go West: Day 6 (Slowing Down)

Go West Trip Day 6 020

According to my original plan (my structured, yet spontaneous “plan”), yesterday was going to be another long driving day—a utilitarian day really—a day to simply get from one place to another, from Tatum’s Haven to Denver (an 8-hour drive, without stops). Sitting at my dining room table three weeks ago and looking at the Google map to chart our course, […]

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The Worralls Go West: Day 5 (Yellowstone)

Go West Trip Day 5 119

So…yesterday morning we woke up to find ourselves here: Tatum’s Haven doesn’t look like much from the outside. But the inside is adorable and the setting is idyllic. This is the remote cabin experience that I wanted us to have while out in the Wild West. We ate breakfast on the porch and then explored the property for a little […]

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The Worralls Go West: Day 4

Go West Trip Day 4 017

Yesterday was a long driving day—all the way across the state of Wyoming, the tenth largest state in the country, but also the least populated. In the morning, before we left Hill City (SD), we decided to try our hand at geocaching since there was an easy geocache located in the Hill City Cemetery. If you aren’t familiar with geocaching, there’s a […]

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The Worralls Go West: Day 3

Go West Trip Day 3 096

  In order for you to understand what happened yesterday, you need to know a couple of things about us. Number one. When Peter is on vacation, he hates to have a plan. He doesn’t want to HAVE to be anywhere at any particular time. He wants the freedom to experience whatever comes along, for however long he likes, without […]

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The Worralls Go West: Day 2

Go West Trip Day 2 001

This morning we drove two hours west from Marshall, Minnesota, to De Smet, South Dakota, where we spent most of the day exploring the little town and the surrounding prairie. The Ingalls family moved west to De Smet when grasshoppers destroyed their wheat crop in Minnesota. Pa got a job working for the railroad. He moved alone at first, since […]

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The Worralls Go West: Day 1

July 2016 and before 171

The vision for this little vacay began when we were invited to a family wedding in Keystone, CO, on August 5-7, and we decided to turn it into a road trip. The vision expanded and coalesced back in June when I decided that this was the summer to introduce the kids to Little House on the Prairie. And… Voila! Here […]

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For My Daughter on Her Birthday

Summer 2015 004

  It’s your birthday—my darling daughter! Can it really be—that you’ve been spreading your unique version of joy on this planet for five whole years? I’ve known you for four and a half of those. But I have loved you for far longer than that. You were born in my heart many years before you were finally placed in my […]

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