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The Worralls Go West: Day 1

July 2016 and before 163

The vision for this little vacay began when we were invited to a family wedding in Keystone, CO, on August 5-7, and we decided to turn it into a road trip. The vision expanded and coalesced back in June when I decided that this was the summer to introduce the kids to Little House on the Prairie. And… Voila! Here […]

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For My Daughter on Her Birthday

Amelia with sponge

It’s your birthday—my darling daughter! Can it really be—that you’ve been spreading your unique version of joy on this planet for five whole years? I’ve known you for four and a half of those. But I have loved you for far longer than that. You were born in my heart many years before you were finally placed in my arms. […]

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Conversation Matters


A part of my job every semester is to teach a class called Speech Communication. It’s a required course for all of our undergraduate students, so I’m well aware that some of them arrive in my classroom with apathy, some with nervousness, some even with a measure of dread. After all, “Public Speaking” appears on most lists that outline “The […]

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Lift Up Your Eyes

drone of house

I asked God for a house showing. I didn’t pray for a contract. I didn’t need an offer. Just one showing would do. It seemed to me like a simple fleece.   Let me back up a minute. You might remember that in February we started to homeschool our son, Daryl (7). (Hence, my three-month silence here at This Odd […]

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The Savior of the World

Last week I had the honor of speaking during one of the afternoon sessions at Founder’s Week, an annual Bible Conference at Moody Bible Institute. The theme for the week was “No One Like Him” from Isaiah 40, a powerful passage that details what our Lord has done as Creator and Sustainer of the universe. “With whom, then, will you compare God?” I chose to preach from John chapter 4 where the Son of God encounters a Samaritan woman by a well. I love how He meets her and speaks into her life, right where she’s at, and then He so patiently and gently draws her into a truer understanding of who He is. I pray that as you listen He does the same with you.

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We Have Seen His Glory!

earth from Apollo 8

If you had been in Chicago on December 4th or 5th, you could have joined me (and over 10,000 other Chicagoans) for the Moody Bible Institute’s Candlelight Carols Christmas program, one of our biggest events of the year. In the setting of the majestic Moody Church, you would have seen and heard our three college choirs, the symphonic band, a […]

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