The Worralls on Whole30

Tomorrow I’ll share how we are doing on our Whole30 this time around and what we’re learning along the way. But today I’m reblogging this post from August 2015, when we tried our first Whole30–just to remind you (and me) of why we started down this path in the first place.

This Odd House

Summer 2015 050Here I am, sitting on a pile of pillows in a bathtub at The DeSoto House Hotel, Galena, Illinois (circa. 1855). We’re in room 203, with its soaring ceiling and grand windows and slanted floors. It is 4:30 a.m. I’m sipping black decaf coffee that I made in the little hotel pot. And the rest of my precious family is sound asleep just outside that door.

Our annual China Adoption Travel Group Reunion is coming to an end. We’ve spent a long weekend here in Galena with five other families, whom we adore. I’ll share more about this wonderful tradition in a later post…

Because this morning what I really want to talk about is food. Probably because I could eat my right arm, right now.

Back in June I shared that we Worralls had adopted three core summer values, three standards that we would use to guide…

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