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I’ve been thinking that I should do this for a very long time. But this blogging thing scares me. Terrifies me, really. For several reasons. (We can get into that later.)

Nevertheless, many months ago I bought Blogging for Dummies. My solution to many problems is to buy a book. Some of them I actually read. This one I did not. But having it on my shelf felt like progress. For a while.

Then, in April 2013 I told the Love of My Life, my blogging husband, that I was ready but I didn’t know where to begin. So he promptly set up the account while I busily avoided it, finishing the school year, going on vacation, running the kids hither and yon.

But finally, here I am. Out of excuses. Giving it a go.

So, what else “about” me?

I am married to the most patient, wise, God-fearing man I know. And we have the privilege of teaching together at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. (Peter in Education; me in Communications.)

We have two lovely children/gifts. Daryl (8) adopted domestically, and Amelia (5) adopted from China.

I studied Communications/Technical Writing at Cedarville College, Religious Education at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (MRE), and Creative Writing at Roosevelt University (MFA).

But most importantly, I seek to serve a God who graciously and relentlessly pursues me with his transforming power. I’ve tried many times to wiggle off the anvil. but He never lets me.

This Odd House began as a book project. So some of the posts are long, I know (especially the early ones). Sorry about that. But they are more book “chapters” than blog posts. Also, they are best understood when read from the beginning. But hopefully, if you’re dropping in at the middle, things will still make some sense.

Finally, whatever brought you here, I hope that this space can in some way point you in the direction of hope and healing.

Contact me at: Kelli.Worrall@moody.edu or on facebook.

About Me Update: In October 2015 my first book released with Moody Publishers, coauthored with husband Peter. 20 Things We’d Tell Our Twentysomething Selves. You can find out more about the book, read some reviews, and see some additional resources on our joint website–www.peterandkelli.com. Hope to see you there as well!

20 Things Cover


  1. The Facebook post of the Freshman prayer hooked me. I was that freshie back in 96 – old, I know. 😉 God is so good to take what I thought was pretty good, set in a good direction and blow that up. Then taking the pieces and stuff I thought He wanted from me and build a totally different life. So here I am a mom (who was once a 2nd grade teacher) in Holland, MI loving the engineer-man who did NOT give me my MRS degree while at Moody and trying to mother gracefully the 3 gifts He’s given to us.


  2. Hi Kelli! Did not actually explore this web site until now. Nice to read about your journey! Looking into doing some type of blog as well. God bless you & your beautiful family!


  3. You followed me on Twitter, I came here to find out who you are. Nice to meet you, Kelli, and I look forward to reading your tweets and posts 🙂 I love finding sisters in the LORD, who are likeminded. So glad you found me — thank you! ~Joyce


    • Kelli,
      Chacked out you bloog. Loved the title. I hope you continue to pursue this venture. Also good to have you back in the department discussions. Got to see a picture of your children on line for the first time. What beauriful kids. We have two grandchildren now living ing in Urbana, IL with our son Phil and our daughter-in-law Lara. They are 5 and 1 in age.
      Say hello to Peter.


  4. Hi, I was at Moody ten years ago or so, and while I wasn’t in any of your classes, I do remember you and enjoy reading your blog! We’ve also adopted 2 children, which is largely what my own blog is about. Anyway, just wanted to say hi!


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