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On Mom: Our Secure Foundation

“Few experiences in life are as deep as the feelings we carry about our mothers.” (Jasmin Lee Cori, The Emotionally Absent Mother) We tumble into this world, itty bundles with awfully high expectations. Every last one of us. And for many years, most of those expectations are aimed at one well-intentioned, yet blessedly fallible, person—the woman we call Mom. From […]

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Why This Title? Part 2

I grew up in a conspicuous family. I know now that not every head could have turned when we entered a restaurant or school event. But when I was the self-conscious age of twelve, it sure felt like it. My parents were brave, tenacious, intelligent, generous, compassionate, God-fearing, and physically disabled. They both had cerebral palsy (CP). My dad had […]

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